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​Empty Bags at The Big Design Market (Sydney) November 25-27, Royal Hall of Industries

So many great markets, so little time, said no dedicated shopper, ever!

Whoop-di-doo - we’ve been saving this one up but I’m thrilled to say we will be at the Big Design Market here in Sydney for the first year. It’s packed full of amazing designers and we are delighted to be invited to attend.

Join us for 3 huge days of Christmas shopping with the best of local and international design, fine food and drinks, exclusive showbags, creative workshops and free kids activities - just $2 to get in.

The Empty Bags range of splashproof, machine washable beach bags, travel, shopping and casual tote bags include a range of inner pockets specifically designed for a large waterbottle, big fluffy towel, valuable, mobile phone, sunglasses, and another to keep your wet things from your dry things, or your thongs from getting lost in the sand.

A range of sizes (All Dayer, Traveller and Quick Dip) and our own unique beach prints on 12oz cotton canvas bags means no more faffing at home, and more time in the summer fun.

Our bag designs are ethically made, splashproof inside and out, and machine washable at 40 degrees.

With our own eye-catching distinct designs, Love Me Leopard, Sassy Stripe, Daring Denim and Aztec Adventure, and three sizes, the All Dayer, Traveller, and Quick Dip, there’s something for everything everyone.

So earmark your diaries and get along for some seriously good shopping at the Big Design Market.

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