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What's next for 2016?

As usual I’m so busy out and about looking at how people are using their bags on the beach, and in the airport, at shopping centres etc. I forget to update the blog and let you know what we’re up to!

It’s been a busy few months, heading to Miami for some inspiration (we took four bags for personal use between us) and poking around some shops, then to Thailand to spend some time with Veronica and her team to plan for 2016 (decided to travel light and just take two – the travel and quick dip).

It’s been quite fun testing the water-repellent feature – basically the water bounces off, it’s very cool!!

We’ve got grand plans for 2016, especially with an expanded range that now spans before you even get to the beach – perfect for weekends away, shopping, and long-haul flights. We’re in the midst of launching a new website so will share that as soon as it’s ready.

Enjoy these gorgeous days of summer!



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