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Originally designed as the perfectly organised, waterproof beach bag, it has also  has become a parent's favourite as a baby bag - super organised for you, with plenty of room inside for baby or your kids, you'll be able to get out the door faster. 

The range includes a smaller size casual back pack bag and a travel tote for long haul and holiday travel.

With plenty of room to expand but soft enough to hang comfortably so you don’t feel like they’re wearing you, Empty Bags are cleverly organised inside.

They keep your wet things from your dry things, and dirty stuff separate from clean stuff with a special place for your phone, water bottle, valuables and sunglasses, as well as a detachable wrist pouch or zip pocket for valuables or travel documents. A padded bottom keep laptops, bottles and fragile items safe.

You'll feel super organised and ready for your day. 

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