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Our story

Founded in beautiful Camp Cove, Sydney.

It was inside Jo Balfour’s beach bag that her leaky water bottle and iPhone first met.

It was love at first sight. Not one to cry over spilt water, Jo knew what to do.

From this soggy start, a relationship between Jo’s love of textiles, innovative ideas and beach life blossomed into something truly unique and beautiful.

Say hello to Empty Bags. Bags with a purpose for people with a purpose.


You’re our bag baby.

Everybody is unique. So are we. Our  bags are designed to be filled with your world.

It’s what’s on the inside that counts.

A day at the beach shouldn’t be a day without your phone, or stop you from having a spontaneous night on the town. Our bags are beautifully designed to carry you and your things, from baby and kids' stuff to beach to bar (and any adventures in between), effortlessly. They’re well organised, they keep your wet stuff from your dry stuff, and they even have a special place for your phone and sunnies, as well as a removable little pouch for valuables. They're also ethically produced on our own specially designed fabrics. 

Basically, they’re amazing.

Live your life to the full.

Every Empty Bag is unique, because every person is unique. What makes the bag is what you fill it with... be that memories, things for a day at the beach, when a day at the beach turns into an evening out, carrying everything for your kids or baby or when travelling.

Simply put, an Empty Bag is the bag you love for the things you love. 

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